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Welcome to Digital Academy – a FREE online course in SEO and digital marketing from Devellar company offered twice a year.

Course program is divided into basic and advanced course.

Basic course consists of theoretical material about basics of internal and external SEO and is available to all participants who pass selection test.

Advanced course will consist of practical tasks. Access to Advanced course will be offered to 20 most successful participants of basic course who intend to work in Devellar upon completion of the course. They will be selected based on background information, basic course grades and level of English. After completing the Advanced course 5 best students will get a job offer from Devellar.

How to use this site

1. Register for a free user account
2. Check your email for your account credentials
3. Log into the system and choose your course
4. Press the button “Take this course”
5. Carefully read presentations and additional recourses
6. Pass quizzes in the end of each topic
7. Ask questions in comment fields below in each lesson. In this way you can communicate with course mentors and fellow participants
8. Apply your knowledge practically and become a pro!