Basic course

Here you will get basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and its’ main components – content optimization, site structure, competitor research, link building, tracking tools and more.

Course Materials: 

  • Intro to online marketing/ecommerce
  • Creating a site
  • Semantic core (keywords)
  • Internal site links
  • Internal SEO mistakes
  • Intro to linkbuilding
  • Competitor research
  • Email marketing
  • SMM
  • Tracking tools
  • External SEO mistakes
  • Google Adwords

Deadline: March 12

Course Materials

  • Intro to online marketing/ecommerce
  • Creating a site
  • Semantic core (keywords)
  • Internal site links
  • Internal SEO mistakes
  • Intro to linkbuilding
  • Competitor research
  • Email marketing
  • SMM
  • Tracking tools
  • External SEO mistakes
  • Google Adwords

25 thoughts on “Basic course”

    1. Maryna_mentor

      Thank you for your feedback and for all you remarks related to some our courses.
      At the moment we are working on creation of advanced course.
      So, we hope to see you there 🙂

  1. natasha.ivoniak

    The course is very interesting but everything is told in generally. Maybe, it’s just beginning and we will see more interesting things. In my opinion, you should make some basic exercises for better memorizing and understanding. As there are a lot examples of successful companies which we would like to keep in mind and see how they are processing.

  2. Alexander Borodin

    Howdy, my friends)

    My name is Alexander Borodin, and today I wanna treat the “Digital Academy” administration with a big portion of thanks and appreciation ?

    The matter is that I have just finished all of my online lessons, and I am greatly impressed by all the significant insights ?? and useful content I’ve learnt from the course!)

    According to my own experience, the “Digital Academy” is a unique chance to deepen into the dynamic world of e-commerce and to make my first academic step for a professional marketing career.
    Besides, it is a great practical background for creating my own digital startup, however, this is a bit later 😀

    Summing up, I am absolutely satisfied with this course ?, and a great portion of inspiration it gave me ?
    Now I am 100% ready for setting up new goals and overcoming some fresh obstacles, I mean the advanced part of the course ?

    Thanks again for your diligent work and perspiration, preparing “Digital Academy”.

    Sincerely yours,
    Alexander Borodin

  3. RoksanaKuk

    Hello guys!

    Here is my small testimonial about this course 🙂

    I like its content, useful and interesting references, and topics, which Digital academy choosed to introduce for learners. From my personal experience, I won’t say that it was not too easy to deal with this course. Firstly, some questions in tests were tricky. As for multiple choise question, I think that it would be great to count points at least for the correct choices. Secondly, step-by-step structure of the course was a small challenge for me, but it motivated me to go further, and use time managment. Finally, despite the fact that I had some basic knowledge of several topics in this course, sometimes it was not that simple and obvious for me.

    From my prospective, course developers can improve this course by including some very simple practical tasks or add open questions to the test, where students can give they point of view on a certain subject. You can also include open discussions to the course, where all participants can share their thought on particular questions. Moreover, some presentations need several minor structure and formatiing improvements.

    I would like to say thank you to all course creators for your hard work and time spent planing, and organizing this course!
    I wish you many interesting projects ahead!!!

  4. Alla Kokosha


    My name is Alla Kokosha. I would like to thank the Digital Academy team for this course. I am very impressed by well-prepared material and it is really interesting and usefull for any entrepreneur not only for SEO. It is my first course into the SEO-world so I had some difficulties to learn so much information under time pressures. However, I appreciate this unique opportunity given to me by Digital Academy.

  5. Svitozar

    This course has given me a real opportunity to acknowledge with incredible world of SEO, SMM, e-commerce etc. Especially I liked creating my own site – really good experience. This course has proven that informal education is awesome privelege of modern world. Thanks to everyone involved in giving each of us this opportunity.

  6. yuriH

    This training course makes a lot of sense and it’s important because it gives effective and efficient knowledge. Also it was really useful for me. I earned good experience and I enjoyed this course.

    Best wishes for your group 🙂

  7. Maria G

    I would like to thank everyone who participated in material’s preparation, quizes composition and selection procedure. That was a great “glance” into the world of internet marketing. I hope that IM will develop and bring best results for both customers and companies.

    So may the Force be with you, guys 😉

  8. Katherine

    There are so many positive comments that I have little to add. Just want to say “Thank you” to Digital Academy team for an opportunity to study for free using well-structured course materials. Wish you success and inspiration!

  9. Ritarita

    Wow! That’s really an amazing course! I am impressed by the invaluable work done by creators. Although, some questions were tricky. Low bow for giving us such a great opportunity! I still hope to take an Advanced Course. It has to be awesome! 🙂

  10. vickybond

    A lot of words were already said. For sure, I wanna say a big THANK YOU to all the people that took part in creation and implementation of this course, and I want you to know that for each of the participants there were moments of a huge motivation and action-call! Thanks for that!

  11. osheva

    Sometimes I wanted to drop the course and run to office to implement new tools and tricks. It is a unique all-in-one source that will change the way I was working before.

    There are some tricky questions do exist, and it would be a great idea to test it by torturing of some innocent SEO newbie, but I do not really complain considering the amount of knowledge I’ve got.

  12. Ivanna

    Dear Team! This course gave me main directions I have to follow in order to receive the complete theoretical knowledge set and then start practicing it. I appreciate your efforts and great results shared with us. Your faithful fan forever, Ivanna

  13. EllieL

    Hello, dear marketers!

    Thank you for this course, Digital Academy team. It’s very comprehensive and not difficult to follow through. I’m really impressed by the combination of different fields. There is everything I wanted to know! The only sad thought is about the test questions. In many cases they are unlogical, but I hope those ones will be checked very soon.
    I believe that such efforts which you’ve made to prepare this course are priceless and rare nowadays.

    Hope to see you soon!

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